Russia House

American University in Moscow

American University in Moscow (AUM) was founded in 1990 as
the first private business school in the USSR. The
University received endorsements from then Presidents
Mikhail Gorbachev and George H. Bush. Financial support came
from several American companies and private individuals,
most generously from Russia House and the late Robert

Russian students have graduated from the University with the
equivalent of an MBA. They've gone on to become successful
businessmen and entrepreneurs. Many have made leading
contributions to Russia 's transition to a free market

In the year 2000, AUM extended its reach into the area of
US-Russia relations. As part of this transformation,
instructional programs and library materials were moved to
the International University of Moscow. US - Russian relations and international journalism programs were inaugurated in
cooperation with Moscow State University.

AUM now conducts a range of educational and cultural
programs, including research, publishing, and conference
activities. Guidance is offered to American students wishing
to study in Russia, and Russian students wishing to study in

Presently AUM is also offering a distance learning program for
Russian students taught by the American faculty with the use
of the most advanced online technologies.

All AUM activities are conducted with the aim of promoting
better and more constructive relations between the United
States and Russia.

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