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In a recent interview with the German ARD channel Arseniy Yatsenyuk, prime minister of post-coup Ukraine, said: "All of us still clearly remember the Soviet invasion of Ukraine and Germany. We need to avoid it."

by Edward Lozansky

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Stop blaming everything on RussiaТ: Heirs to 1917 revolutionary-era emigrants appeal to EU
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Viewing Russia From the Inside

By George Friedman
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Why I Voted against Condemning Russia

Recently, the House passed, by an overwhelming margin, a resolution to condemn the Russian Federation. Ten Members voted Уnay,Ф myself among them. I wish to explain why I took this unpopular position.

Dana Rohrarbacher
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DonТt Risk War With Russia
Washington rushes to court open conflict with Moscow against every rational interest.

By Phillip Giraldi
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Why Ukraine Must Bargain for Peace With Russia. The "let's make a deal" moment has arrived for Kiev and Moscow. But by pushing a hard-line agenda against Putin, the United States and Europe are only making things worse for Ukraine.

By Samuel Charap - "Foreign Policy"
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Russia Just Gave France A Final Deadline To Hand Over The Mistral Warship

By Tomas Hirst
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The West's Fatal Russia Mistakes: 1989-2014
When the Berlin wall came down the West had an historic chance to find a strong friendly ally in Russia.
Western mistakes over the following years has lead to the exact opposite.
The US to must reverse its policy of hegemony, and pursue multilateralism. Anything else will lead to continued conflict

By Edward Lozansky
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Genuine, Handcrafted, Man-Made Government

By Tom Engelhardt
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A real counterweight to US power is a global necessity

By Seumas Milne
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Abbott v Putin: Will the G20 turn into a naked wrestling match?

How much machismo can Australians take? Bringing loutish language to the G20 serves no one but Putin

By Jazz Twemlow

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Vaclav Klaus: the WestТs lies about Russia are monstrous
An interview with the former Czech president, possibly the WestТs last truly outspoken leader
By Neil Clark
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