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Russia Forum New York 2013: Investing in a World of Opportunities

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LOZANSKY: Has Obama lost the Saudis, too?

By Edward Lozansky
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JFK Reconsidered

by Joseph S. Nye
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US defense spending: budget cuts likely to reduce combat power

The US is forced to cut its defense budget. The figures with many digits conceal America's inability to preserve its exclusivity relying only on military force. Defense spending and some other expenses will be cut by about one trillion USD by the year 2021. American military officials believe that the sudden cuts and the lack of flexibility of the cuts could reduce the combat power of the country to a dangerous level.
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by Sergey Duz
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The Losers and Winners in Afghanistan

by Alexey Malashenko

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People value Putin as an experienced politician - expert

What determines a politicianТs rating? The latest poll held by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) shows that President Vladimir Putin has the approval rating of 60 percent. It has been 60 percent for months now, amazingly stable and seemingly unaffected either by successes on the international stage or widespread flooding in the Far East or a controversial pension reform. Stability is what most Russians appreciate in Putin. About half of the respondents see him as an experienced politician capable of ensuring stability. Few people expect drastic improvements, but for many a bird in the hand is definitely more important now than two in the bush, Yevgeny Marchenko, Director of the International Institute for Political Expertise, told the Voice of Russia.

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Obama defends health reform as 'not just a website'

US President Barack Obama on Monday defended his health reform, declaring at a White House event that, despite numerous glitches, the program is already helping many uninsured Americans.

Voice of Russia, Reuters, AFP

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US deputy foreign chief arrives in Russian foreign office for talks with Lavrov

US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns has arrived in the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow to meet with his counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, a diplomatic source has said.

Voice of Russia, RIA

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I feel relief that shutdown is over Ц McCain

Republican senator John McCain said that he feels relief after the US President signs the legislation that ends a US government shutdown and raises the US debt ceiling.

The Voice of Russia
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House Shutdown Plan Fails; Senate Takes Lead

WASHINGTON, October 16 (Associated Press)

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