American University in Moscow

Towards Political, Security, Economic, Science, Education, and Cultural Cooperation


AUM was founded in 1990 with the support of Presidents George H.W. Bush and Michail Gorbachev to educate new generations of Russian and American youth in the spirit of friendship and cooperation between the two nations to jointly meet the world’s enormous security, economic, ecological, and other challenges.

The current state of US-Russia relations does not serve the vital national interests of the two countries and the world.

The roots of this animosity go back to the Cold War when both countries were cast as inevitable opponents incapable of finding common ground on any issue. However, in the late 80th, Moscow and Washington suggested ending the Cold War and replacing confrontation with mutually beneficial cooperation. AUM became one of the first projects to generate and implement these ideas.

Unfortunately, today, all our hopes for turning these ideas into reality are replaced by the fear of nuclear WWIII. One way to avoid this disaster is to continue the US-Russia and a more significant international dialogue in search of ideas for ending this crisis.

Among the practical tasks of the American University in Moscow

  • Creating a public forum for the identification or problems and actions capable of resolving these problems.
  • Facilitating the dialog among civil, business, academic groups and individuals interested in improving US-Russia relations.
  • Promoting and assisting joint public projects and personal contacts to advance win-win strategy in international relations.
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