International Public Action #GardenofPeace



Moscow, Russia

On the 25th of April 2021, the day the Soviet and American troops met on the Elbe river in 1945, Eurasian Peoples` Assembly, American University in Moscow, International Center for Public Diplomacy of MEPhI, International Union of Russian Compatriots together with partners launch the International Action “Garden of peace”. “Keep the Peace – Plant a Tree – Save the Planet”!

The main goal of this Action is to unit all humanity for peace, tranquillity and development of our planet. In future the Action, possibly, may become a public movement.

The initiative group, consisting of representatives of Russian and American organizations and individuals, proposed to mark the next anniversary of the historic meeting on the Elbe with mass planting of trees. “By honouring war veterans while contributing to the fight against climate change, we express our concern for preserving the historical memory of the outcome of World War II and protecting the environment. It depends on each of us what kind of world we will live in,” – the initiative group notes.

Anyone regardless of location, political and religious beliefs, age, gender can take part in this action.

The action is supported by the United Nations Information Centre and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). Also, the Head of the “RusClimatFond” Marianna Munteanu, the winner of the UN competition “Young Champions of the Earth” in 2019 is one of the partners of the Action in Russia.

The Action starts on April 25, 2021. You can take part in it by organizing, singly or collectively, planting one or more trees in a place permitted by the legislation of your country.


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