Celebration of the US-Soviet military linkage on the Elbe River in the city of Torgau



Moscow, Russia

April 25,2020, marks the 75th anniversary of the momentous occasion when U.S. and Soviet forces met at the Elbe River in the city of Torgau, Germany, successfully cutting the German army in two.

The “Meeting on the Elbe” signaled the approaching end of the Nazi regime and was heralded around the world. Today, the joyfulness created by that open display of comradeship between East and West is needed more than ever.

For many years, American and Russian veterans, as well as public organizations, have kept the spirit of that Elbe River linkage alive with commemorations and reunions and by erecting monuments, plaques, and statues in our two countries. 

The American University in Moscow, a Washington DC-based, non-profit organization, in cooperation with many American and Russian public groups, has participated in a number of these ceremonies in the U.S. and Russia, often supported by the respective embassies of these two great nations.

The upcoming anniversary may be the last for many of the remaining veterans and witnesses of that tremendous event.  Our goal is to recognize these veterans and commemorate their achievement in a way that honors them and the spirit of cooperation the Elbe River an inspiration to our soldiers of today. At the same time this event can be a great opportunity to engage in a long-awaited dialogue in view of unprecedented tensions that threaten the security of our two nations and the world.  


April 24, 2020

9.00-11.00AM (EST) – 4.00-6.00 PM (Moscow)

Online Discussion about lessons of WWII, the Meaning of the “Meeting on the Elbe” after 75 Years and the Possibility and Necessity of Cooperation with participation of well-known historians and scholars from United States, Russia, Europe and Eurasia.

You can watch this conference on YouTube and Facebook:

In English:  Live stream https://youtu.be/GjL0ZOr-g5o

In Russian: https://clck.ru/E7V3p


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